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Team Stories

Hear first hand of the impact YUGO Ministries has had on the lives of those involved:

When I came to Mexico, I met a little boy who changed my perspective on life. He drew me a picture of what his old home looked like. Then, he drew me a second picture of his new home that our team was building for him and he put a swing in the picture. That is what he wanted. So, we were able to make his dream a reality and attach a swing to the side of his new home. He was so overjoyed with something so simple. God will use you in places where you think you don't belong. I encourage all to come to Mexico with YUGO and have a life-changing experience. Feel the adrenaline of not knowing what God will do next in your life.  Plus, the people there are amazing and will stick with you for the rest of your life.
Sharon - Student Team Member, Virginia, USA

I first heard of YUGO Ministries in 2003. My group came on a missions trip to build a home in Baja California. We were coming with a new church and this was our first missions experience in Mexico. I prayed then, as I do now, that God would reveal Himself in a special way to each member of the work team. As we worked that week, God was doing a special work in the life of my brother-in-law. He was with us on the team, but at the time he was not a believer. Only a few months later, we rejoiced as we saw my brother-in-law give his life to the Lord! The work that the Lord does when we submit to Him and pour ourselves out through missions is irreplaceable. I have continued to come back year after year to do ministry with YUGO. God has shown me that not only are we changing the lives of the families that we are helping, but they are changing our lives!
We support other ministries, but it is not the same as being the hands and feet of Jesus’ love. This is much more than giving money, this is truly LIVING God’s love. When I leave Mexico, I take something with me - not souvenirs, but love, compassion, and a new desire to help people. If you are considering going and doing ministry with YUGO, I would say take the risk! Not a safety risk, but the risk of opening yourself up to what God has for you!
Laurie - Team Member, Ontario, Canada

“Yesterday was amazing, Lord! I felt overwhelmed with emotion. THIS is what life is about. I know in the past I have been places like floating in a pool or on a beach somewhere and thinking, “This is the life!” How wrong I was! That was “the life” because it was all about me. Life here serving with YUGO is the life which is being a servant, helping those in need of basic things like shelter, food, and medicine. Last night in chapel we were asked to give up our shoes for 12 hours (from last night until chapel this morning) to see how it feels to walk around like a lot of the Mexican people, and to evaluate our life and excess. How many pairs of shoes do I own? Do I have clothes in abundance? Am I in line with God about what is truly important in this life? I think not. Forgive me Father, I have been such a bad steward. Please don’t let me go home and forget this lesson. Lord, change me.”
Journal Entry - Jamie - Team Member, Florida, USA

 YUGO has played a powerful role in my life. I had been to Mexico on 3 previous missions trips, as a youth leader bringing a group of Jr. High students. The first year we built a home, the second year we did a VBS program, and by the third year I WAS HOOKED. God made it clear that He wanted me to come back for a longer term. I spent a life-changing 7 months at EOC as an intern, later met my future wife, learned many construction skills, and developed a love for the people that would ultimately lead me back here full-time as a missionary.
I have been full-time with YUGO now for 4 years. As I pour myself into the ministry, God continues to pour Himself into me and my family. I would highly recommend missions with YUGO ministries to anyone who desires to see God in a special way.
Jeremy - YUGO Missionary