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Become a Volunteer/Staff

It takes a special calling to want to move your life and family to serve as full time staff/missionaries. Perhaps you are feeling the nudge to explore what more God has for you. Take some time to explore our ministry and contact us to find out what roles are available and which ministries are seeking more staff. It is a process that we ask you take seriously and prayerfully, as will we. There is a thorough and lengthy application process. You will also be required to begin the process of support raising and other preparations prior to beginning your time on the mission field.  

There are a few avenues in which you can join our team. If you are a young adult, consider investigating our
intern programs at various sites. This can be a great way to serve, but also to learn and train as a Christian leader and missionary. If you are an adult wanting to explore opportunities to serve with us at YUGO beyond a week, check out the roles and positions available. Together we can see if there is a good fit at this point in time.

You may want to serve as a volunteer.  A volunteer does not receive pay and is for a shorter period of time. They need to pay some fees and do not receive some of the other benefits that full time staff receive. If you wish to volunteer for anything less than 2 months you would need to go through a normal
team registration process.

Or you may be considering serving as staff - either short-term or career missionary staff. As a YUGO staff member, you receive pay (from support you have raised), as well as other benefits and support from the YUGO team. This process in particular can take a long time (several months) and so please have patience as you begin to explore it all!  

Begin by exploring what positions and roles are available. Even though we welcome willing hands and hearts, we also need to be intentional and purposeful when placing staff and volunteers.


   Full Time Nurse. Click here for more details. 

  Spring/Summer Worship Leader
  Male/Female "RA" Intern Leaders ('resident advisors/ help with interns)

   Child Care - helping care and teach local missionary children
   Food services team member - helping with the meals and food services at the camp

   To be updated*

   Full-time Positions Available:
   Assistant Cook
   Facilities Coordinator
   Videographer and/or Photographer
   Spring/Summer Positions Available:
Worship Leader
   Potential Future Full-Time Job Openings:
   Camp Mechanic
   Media Team

   National City California - Office Admin Staff and/or volunteer
* Please stay tuned for a list of available staff positions/opportunities for these sites. If you are an interested applicant, please
  contact us to discuss your interest and potential role with us.
  1. Pray. Entering the mission field, even for a short term period, is a serious decision and committment! Spend time in prayer as you begin, as well as throughout the process.
  2. You must be applying for a specific role or position. See the above list before filling out form.
  3. Fill out the "Application Request Form" below. This will begin your process and connect you with the right people. 
  4. Wait to receive notice from the YUGO staff if there is still an opening and if your application request form is accepted, we will send you the application package.
  5. Fill out the YUGO Application. This will also include more details as well as reference forms for you to distribute.
  6. Return completed application to YUGO office.
  7. Wait to receive notice from the YUGO staff if your application is accepted.
  8. If accepted, you will receive further forms and information in order to prepare you for arrival on the mission field. You will also then begin raising support and receive any other necessary forms.
  9. Pray as you head into this amazing, life changing adventure that will be full of many rewards and challenges!


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    For more info on the definitions of these, please review webpage (become intern/become staff)
  • Select which Internship you are interested in applying for. For info on the different sites and programs, check out the webpage "become an intern"/scroll above
  • Select what role/job you are applying for. For different sites and job openings, check out the web page "become a volunteer/staff"/scroll up

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